The advantages of sewage pump


1. Disadvantages of conventional sewage pumps

   Conventional non-clogging self-priming sewage pump impellers are all used sewage pump impellers. This sewage pump impeller is nominally non-clogging impeller. In fact, it is still easy to extract some liquids containing fiber debris, plastic bags and other large particle diameters. The phenomenon of blockage, and the self-priming height of the conventional self-priming sewage pump is only about 4 meters and reaching 5 meters is difficult, and the self-priming time is relatively long. For example, when the self-priming height is 4 meters, it takes 10 minutes to suck up water.

Second, the main characteristics of sewage pump

  As a company that mainly focuses on self-priming pump products, in order to eliminate the conventional non-blocking self-priming sewage pump products, after our continuous optimization and improvement tests and tests, and in 2019, we have successfully developed a new type of truly non-blocking self-priming sewage pump products. , This series of non-clogging self-priming sewage pump impellers all use open impellers, so that the anti-clogging effect is significantly improved, and the optimal design of the internal structure of the pump body has changed the disadvantages of the poor self-priming effect of open impellers in the past. The self-priming height of the self-priming sewage pump products of the industry can reach 6-8 meters, the self-priming time of 6 meters can reach water in about 3 minutes, and the self-priming time of 8 meters can be 5-6 minutes.