General Manager Xie Shenlian of Taizhou Carrier Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was invited by Alibaba to be


General Manager Xie Shenlian of Taizhou Carrier Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was invited by Alibaba to be a guest in the Ali Parlor, telling his own brand marketing journey

Selected interview content

Moderator Li Dan: Do you imagine the water pump yourself? Or is there a team of people doing this?

Mr. Xie: At that time, it was not only my own idea but also related to the whole industry in our local area. Especially when we were in Daxi, there was a listed household blower factory, which was a state-owned enterprise and the first water pump factory in Taizhou. At that time, there was an idea to improve this product.

(At that time, I didn’t know the definition and concept of this cost and this product, I didn’t know the brand, quality, I didn’t have that awareness, I only knew the concept of whether the pump could be used or not, because everyone did it, we picked it like this, why do our customers The reviews are not good at all)

Moderator Li Dan: There is no guarantee of quality.

Mr. Xie: At that time, the quality was not guaranteed at all, especially when we were running a business, we simply followed everyone! There is no testing equipment, and no production tools and equipment.

(Either we will not produce pumps, or we will go to the workshop to change the change of fate. Everyone said: Oops! Xie boss, are you a fool? W is going to go bankrupt? Through our continuous efforts, our 2011 year CCTV)

Moderator Li Dan: Well! I know that this is because you pay attention to product quality. On the other hand, I also think that you are very concerned about the brand of products. Then I know that it seems that you have participated in the small business on CCTV, not ordinary companies can show on the platform of CCTV! What was your idea at the time? How about putting your own ads on CCTV?

Mr. Xie: Through our continuous efforts in the past few years, especially our two concepts: one is that quality is the destiny of the enterprise! The second one is that technology only serves customers with quality and quality. This concept is through our continuous efforts. We were on CCTV in 2011, because through continuous efforts in the past few years, we have continuously become a contract-honoring and trustworthy unit in Zhejiang Province. .

(E-commerce and other industrial products are very prosperous, I guess our pump will be successful. Browsing products every day, only the platform of Alibaba can see it!

Li Dan: I know that you have joined Alibaba's IMALL brand mall. How did you come to know this platform?

Mr. Xie: Because of our platform, first of all, we have been a brand member of IMALL since 2005, because through continuous efforts, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement in the past few years. Because of entering the IMALL brand flagship store, I have already done it first. Reality.