Precautions for using submersible pumps


Any equipment has a service life. The length of service life is not only related to the quality and performance of the equipment itself, but also related to the usage specifications of everyone. If you do not use the equipment in accordance with the conventional requirements, the service life of the equipment will inevitably be shortened. Today, the editor will introduce the three taboos of the use of submersible pumps to you. I hope that readers and friends in front of the screen can cheer up and understand the contents of this aspect.

Can not rotate in the opposite direction

Submersible pumps are divided into single-stage pumps and multi-stage pumps. According to common sense, the single-stage pump with a lower lift is a single-stage pump, and the higher lift is a multi-stage pump. In the process of using a single-stage pump, it is recommended that you distinguish the direction. Although the submersible pump can be out of water regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it is still recommended that you rotate forward and not reverse. Once reversed, it may damage the motor windings. And to be honest, the single-stage pump of the submersible pump is in a reversed state, and the water output is still relatively small, not as good as forward rotation. In addition, as a warm reminder, I hope that you can check carefully before pumping the single-stage submersible pump into the water to see if the rotation direction of the single-stage submersible pump is normal. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted in time, and it can be put into the water only after it is normal.

Can't work in excess

Whether it is a person or equipment, as long as it is overloaded, it will cause certain damage to itself, and the same is true for stainless steel submersible pumps. The editor told you above that the submersible pump single-stage pump head is generally relatively small, so for those work areas that require the use of high head submersible pumps, submersible pump single-stage pumps cannot be used. If you have to use a submersible pump single-stage pump, you should pay attention to it during use to prevent the current value from exceeding the normal range and burning the equipment.

high frequency start

  do you know? When the submersible pump single-stage pump is turned off, the submersible pump will produce a backflow phenomenon. At this time, if you press the power button to make the submersible pump work, it may cause damage to the motor and cause the motor load to start. After the motor load is started, the starting current will become very large. To a certain extent, it will inevitably cause problems in many aspects of the equipment. At the same time, the life of the equipment is shortened. Therefore, when using submersible pumps, you must not commit this taboo. According to common sense, it takes at least five minutes to start the submersible pump single-stage pump again.